Every set of lips has its own unique pattern of curls and ridges, as well as different lip sizes and shapes. There is no one form that is more attractive than another; each individual’s unique shape is beautiful in its own unique manner. It is only part of what makes you unique. Although there are a few common features that experts have identified over the years, people frequently combine two or three shapes. For instance, you can have a set of full, round lips or a thin, heart-shaped pout (just as people frequently have multiple curl patterns, not just one).

  1. Top-heavy lips

Your top lip is slightly fuller than the bottom lip, just as the name suggests. To balance it out, use foundation or concealer to soften the upper lip line. You can simply define that shape with liner (we adore leaning into your natural shape). As expert advice that “You could do the opposite on the top lip, just like you’d slightly over-line a bottom lip to make that bigger”.

  1. Bottom-heavy lips

On the other hand, if your bottom lip is bigger than your top lip, you have bottom-heavy lips. This shape can be sculpted using a similar technique: According to celebrity makeup artist A.J. Crimson which advises that concealer or foundation is going to be your friend in defining some of those areas around the mouth. He also mentioned that you take that concealer and mute out areas you don’t want to see, then use liner to create the lip you want if you want to minimize the lower lip after you’ve accentuated the top lip. After all, it is makeup; you are allowed to cover or emphasize as you like.

  1. Round lips

You probably have round lips if your top and bottom lips are the same width all the way around. These frequently have a delicate cupid’s bow and a natural poutiness, therefore Crimson claims that a dab of gloss on the centre of the lip can greatly highlight plushness.

You can modify the appearance of your lips by using liner, but be careful not to overdo it. To broaden the region, slightly over line the lips’ outer corners, but don’t stray too far from your natural lip line. Work with what you’ve got, as St. Jean puts it. Things start to become hairy when you attempt to completely reproduce your appearance.

  1. Heart-shaped lips

Heart-shaped lips often have a sharper lower lip and a more noticeable cupid’s bow on top. The precise definition may change depending on the individual (some may have a sharp point at the bottom, while others may have a softer edge), but the Cupid’s bow’s V-shape is what matters most in this case.

Crimson advises dabbing some highlighter directly on the Cupid’s bow to accentuate the shape; this advice applies to all lip shapes in general but “brings more attention to the heart.” Or, he advises, you can smudge out your lip liner and soften those angles if you want to hide any harsh edges.

  1. Bow-shaped lips

Although the bottom lip may not come to a distinct point at the bottom, like a heart, bow-shaped lips feature a prominent cupid’s bow (get the reference?). However, you can employ the same techniques as heart-shaped lips: By applying your lip colour above the bow, you can either emphasize the centre of the Cupid’s bow or soften the V.

  1. Wide lips

Wide lips often have an exaggerated grin and are wider than they are full. Crimson advises simply dabbing some highlighter (a lighter shade of lipstick, gloss, or whatever) in the middle of your lips if you want to give wide lips a pouty appearance. It will draw greater attention to that area, he predicts. It will increase the pop and poutiness of the lip whenever you add something reflective to it.

  1. Thin lips

Your lips may already be thinner naturally, or you may notice that as you get older, their volume decreases. Lip liner is your best buddy if you want to highlight your slim lips. If that’s your thing, you may always slightly expand the lip line to give them the appearance of being larger. Just be careful not to do so. The lip liner should still be in close proximity to your natural lip line and only slightly overhang it. Then, as previously said, a dot of highlight in the middle might give the appearance of volume.

  1. Full lips

Everyone’s idea of “full lips” is different, but in reality, it refers to lips that are equally full on the top and bottom. If you want to add additional definition, you can always dab highlighter on the Cupid’s bow (again, this improves the V-shape) and apply a little liner to define the corners. A small flash of gloss on the centre can also draw attention to a pillowy lip.

  1. Downturned lips

Corners of downturned lips typically have a little dip. “The corners don’t totally meet, and that’s what makes it look downturned,” adds St. Jean. This typically occurs when the lower lip is slightly smaller than the top. The key, according to St. Jean, is to fill in those corners by extending your lip colour upward and outward. To give shadow and more contour to your bottom lip, she advises using a lip liner that is somewhat darker than your lip colour.

In conclusion, there are many more types of lips than just the nine we’ve named here. Having said that, it’s okay if you identify with one of these shapes or a mix of two or three. In any case, trying what works and makes you happy while applying makeup is important, and experimenting with various styles is half the fun. Just keep in mind that the goal is to highlight the beautiful outline you already have, not to carve out a completely new lip shape.